Be Here Now

IMG_1168I am back from travels in India and happy to be back to teaching.

Join me Thursdays, 4:00 at DLC.

Bring a Friend to Mexico Discount

If you and a friend Sign up for our Yelapa trip, January 30 – February 6, take $100 off the tour price for each of you! P1020656

Take 5 and Fall into yourself

images-6Take a good seat, planting your feet on the floor and feeling your roots going down. Lift the spine and grow out of the pelvic bowl. Open the front of the chest and draw the shoulder blades into your back to support your heart. Rise up and root down. Take 5 deep inhales and 5 long exhales. Drop back into yourself.

Leaning In


Leaning In, into the support of 500 years of living, a sunbeam and good long breath. Heart of the Perfect Moment, again. 

3 Top reasons to come to Mexico

1.We have space in our retreat, Jan. 30 – Feb 6, Yelapa Mexico. Download the Yelapa flyer.

2.  Delta has GREAT prices on Puerto Vallarta flights NOW. Arrive January 30, depart Feb. 6

3. The Humpback Whales will be there!7033875245_fb3754fc8a_z

Fall into Yoga

3 classes downtown!images

Dancing Lotus Center

Tuesdays, noon-1, Gentle Flow Yoga- Great for a mid-day workout, open your heart and body while quieting the mind.

Thursdays, 4:00 – 5:15 PM Yoga Basics – a Good place to start, focus is on flexibility, strength, stability and balance.

50-Minute Fitness

Wends, 4:30 – 5:30  Yoga for Healthy Aging, a 6 week session


I will not be teaching in August. This is my time to spend with family and outdoors. See you in September….

Big RED Sun

6 weeks Summer yoga at 50-Minute Fitness Weds, July 1 – August 5, 4:30-5:30


“Where does it start? Muscles tense. One leg a pillar, holding the body upright between the earth and sky. The other a pendulum, swinging from behind. Heel touches down. The whole weight of the body rolls forward onto the ball of the foot. The big toe pushes off, and the delicately balanced weight of the body shifts again. The legs reverse position. It starts with a step and then another step and then another that add up like taps on a drum to a rhythm, the rhythm of walking. The most obvious and the most obscure thing in the world, this walking that wanders so readily into religion, philosophy, landscape, urban policy, anatomy, allegory, and heartbreak.”

Rebecca Solnit in her 2000 masterpiece Wanderlust: A History of Walking