Spring Run-off for Women, April 26- 30

De Winterburn and Kim Schleicher invite you to join our Enchanted April Spring Run-off, details here: 

images-1Saturday: April 26th: Arrive SF International (try to get the earliest flights possible).and shuttle to the El Pueblo Hotel Sonoma . (Five options for shuttle services). Kick around Sonoma square  or hang out in the pool and gardens at El Pueblo. Gather for a flight of sparkling wine at Gloria Farrer on the square and proceed to The Girl and the Fig for a remarkable and casual dinner, tuck into bed.




Sun: April 27th: leisurely breakfast and coffee at El Pueblo then a trip to Sonoma Cornerstone Gardens (cutting edge landscape design and quoted as “one of 1000 gardens you must see before you die”). Refreshed by flowers and great strolls, we venture on to the country roads of Sonoma and into the Napa valley with a stop at two wineries and perhaps a snack along the Silverado Trial or the wine highway (128) to arrive at the breathtaking views of Mayacamas Ranch our home for the next three days. We settle in, have a great dinner and overnight here.


flat,550x550,075,fMonday: April 28th: a chance to chill-out at the Ranch,  hike, read, swim, sleep in the pool chairs. After lunch, a trip to the Hot springs of Calistoga at the Spa at Solage. We will spend the afternoon here, soaking in the Hot Springs, getting a massage or facial, allowing the day to float by. Dinner (optional late afternoon yoga) and time to relax under the starry skies from our hilltop location at Mayacamas.



chairs pond meadow

Tues. April 29th: We take a day to explore and taste along Highway 29, the wine highway. We begin in Calistoga at the “Clos Pegase” winery with its 90 acres of vineyard, 20,000 sq. feet of underground caves and sculpture gardens. St. Helena is “more like St. Honore in Paris” with its gorgeous and unique boutiques. Some of us may opt for the Robert Louis  Stevenson museum in the library complex. Stevenson was the author of Treasure Island and Dr. Jekyll, but he was also a world class sailor and traveler and had an intriguing biography including a honeymoon trip in St. Helena.



Down the road in Oakville, we will stop into the  well provisioned Oakville grocery  for oogling and purchasing gourmet treats . Then a stop for an afternoon coffee or tea at the world famous Bouchon, Thomas Keller’s fabulous shop behind his world famous French Laundry restaurant, arguably the “finest restaurant in the US”. Afterward, we can stroll through Yountville and travel up the Silverado trail toward Mayacamas and a great dinner.  Then starlight, conversation and another good night’s rest.




Weds. April 30th : our last day. A relaxing breakfast, packing and our departures to SF International. Remember the Shuttle takes 1 hr and 20 minutes and it takes some time to get to the shuttle in Santa Rosa, so try to book a later flight home.

vineyards of desire

 Brass Tacks: Cost of the adventure is $999, per person, for a double room or $1695 for a single room. If you book with a friend, the cost is $899 per person.  The cost pays for all your hotel rooms in Sonoma and Mayacamas, all meals in Mayacamas and breakfast in Sonomaand all ground transportation in Sonoma and Napa valleys.

This is going to be an exceptional trip, in an exceptional place, with exceptional women. We can’t wait to be with all of you.

 $200 (non-refundable) deposit will hold your space; the balance will be due, March 18th, check only, please. Please email or give us a call (406-227-1235) to reserve your space and send your $200 deposit to:


PO Box 73

Helena, MT 59624



A Sunday afternoon workshop

The Joy Within

Yoga For Healthy Aging

Allow Life to unfold in the most gentle of ways.

Yoga Basics: Dancing Lotus Center:

Thursday and Thursdays, 4 – 5 PM

Peruvian Succelent

fall is here

First snow on Mount Edith and Mount Baldy, welcome Fall. The new fall schedule is in place, the berries picked and the down comforter is back on the bed. Ahhhh, Autumn. I invite you to stop a moment, see the clear sky after the rain, smell the fecund Earth and breathe in the season. Deep, long inhales and lingering, soft exhales. Why rush?


High Summer

Beginning the month of August I will be teaching two classes at the Dancing Lotus Center: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4 – 5 PM.


Touching the Sacred: 8 Days of Restorative Yoga June 14 – 21, Dancing Lotus Center

“The antidote to stress is relaxation. To relax is to rest deeply. This rest is different from sleep. Deep states of sleep include periods of dreaming which increase muscular tension, as well as other physiological signs of tension. Relaxation is a state in which there is no movement, no effort, and the brain is quiet.” Judith Hanson Lasater, Relax and Renew

Friday June 14th 6:30-8 p.m. Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra

Saturday, June 15th 9-11 a.m. Touching the Sacred ~ Diving into the Chalice of the Sacrum and Pelvic Floor. Explore subtle shifts and care for this key energy center, co taught by Kelly and Kim,

$50 for both sessions and 5 punches on your card or Friday class, $25 (2 punches) Saturday, $30 (3 punches).

June 17-21st all restorative yoga week, plus Two extra classes: June 20th, 10-11:30 a.m. and June 21st, 4-5:30

*Open to all levels

**Recommend at least 5 classes for full benefit.

Find true rest as you find Summer-you can do both!  Kelly 431-0809, Kim 431-6780.

Yoga In Townsend

Relax and Renew; Gentle Yoga for Well Being Workshop73FS3286

March 23, 1 – 3:30 PM, $30, Townsend Train Station

All Levels Welcome

Space is Limited, to register: 406-266-3191





10 Reasons To Give Yoga A Try

DSCN046010 Reasons to Give Yoga a Try and discover what it can do for YOU.

STRESS RELIEF:  Yoga reduces the physical effects of stress on the body by encouraging  relaxation and lowering the levels of the stress hormone, cortisol. Related benefits include lowering blood pressure and heart rate, improving digestion and boosting the immune  system, as well as easing symptoms of conditions such as anxiety, depression, fatigue, asthma and insomnia.

PAIN RELIEF:  Yoga can ease pain. Studies have demonstrated that practicing Yoga  asanas (postures), meditation or a combination of the two, reduced pain for people with  conditions such as cancer, multiple sclerosis, auto-immune diseases and hypertension as  well as arthritis, back and neck pain and other chronic conditions.

  • BETTER BREATHING:  Yoga teaches people to take slower, deeper breaths.  This helps  to  improve lung function and trigger the body’s relaxation response.
  • FLEXIBILITY:  Yoga helps to improve flexibility and mobility, increasing range of movement  and reducing aches and pains.
  • INCREASED STRENGTH: Yoga asanas (postures) use every muscle in the body,  helping to  increase strength literally from head to toe.  Yoga also helps to relieve muscular tension.
  • WEIGHT MANAGEMENT: Yoga (even less vigorous styles) can aid weight control efforts by  reducing the cortisol levels, as well as by burning excess calories and reducing stress. Yoga  also encourages healthy eating habits and provides a heightened sense of well being and  self-esteem.
  • IMPROVED CIRCULATION: Yoga helps to improve circulation and, as a result of various  poses, more efficiently moves oxygenated blood to the body’s cells.
  • CARDIOVASCULAR CONDITIONING: Even gentle yoga practice can provide cardiovascular benefits by lowering resting heart rate, increasing endurance and improving oxygen  uptake during exercise.
  • BETTER BODY ALIGNMENT and BALANCE: Yoga helps to improve body alignment, resulting in better posture and improved balance.
  • FOCUS ON THE PRESENT: Yoga helps us to focus on the present, to become more aware  and to help create mind body health. It opens the way to improved coordination, reaction  time and memory.



Winter Solstice Class

Love and Fear

Everyone has fears. It is a natural part of being human. Fear can protect us from harm by sending a rush of adrenaline to help us physically deal with potential danger. But there are times when fear may keep us from participating fully in life. Once we realize that fear is a state of mind, we can choose to face our fears, change our minds, and create the life we want to live.

Our minds are powerful tools to be used by our higher selves, much like computers, sorting and using data to make connections between thoughts and responses.We have the ability to observe and choose differently, no matter where the fear came from, we can create new connections by choosing new thoughts. This journey requires many small steps and the practice of patience and courage through the process. Mindfulness and meditation are excellent tools for quieting the outer world, stepping into your inner world and allowing courage to rise. It is not the absence of fear but rather the courage to take action anyway that brings success.